How to Upcycle Furniture Painting Techniques

Recently I shared my involvement with the Sanctuary Meeting, and today I needed to demonstrate to you a couple of things I learned at my most loved session Propelled Painting. Presently, I’m definitely no master with regards to painting furniture yet I’ve dallied with it a bit, so I was so energized when I discovered that my two furniture painting icons.

Marian from Miss Mustard Seed and Shauna from Consummately Flawed, were instructing. They will most likely snicker at that, yet I’ve had the benefit of knowing these two women for a couple of years now and please know in addition to the fact that they are two magnificent specialists, yet they are incredibly kind and bubbly.

Marian offers her own particular line of paint called Miss Mustard Seed’s Drain Paint and Shaunna possesses Splendidly Flawed Shop where she offers Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and conveys an assortment of items.

I will attempt to go along as well as can be expected, 3 fun painting methods for furniture that the women showed us. For further training, don’t hesitate to look at their websites. All I had with me in class, was my iphone, so pardon my not as much as stellar quality pics.

The first painting system we attempted was known as the “Rebuilding Equipment ish” Wrap up. It is a fairly weathered and matured look with heaps of streakiness. I’m not exactly beyond any doubt I accomplished the right look but rather you can get the thought.

Step 1) For this method, we gave the crude wood a decent even layer of ACSP in Immaculate White and permitted it to dry (it dries quick!).

Step 2) We connected a layer of ASCP in French Cloth over the highest point of the Immaculate White and permitted it to dry a bit. (apologies, no pic)

Step 3) Next we wiped off the French Cloth with a clammy cloth, going the heading AGAINST the wood grain. This may take a touch of weight and tolerance. Don’t hesitate to soak your cloth increasingly if necessary. Rubbing the high/raised zones will uncover the white shading underneath.

Step 4) Apply a touch of ASCP Clear Wax to the wood and promptly buff to a sparkle. It’s just as simple as that!

The second painting system we attempted was the layered look. It is rich with shading and genuine chippy-goodness! I think this was my top choice!

Step 1) Give the crude wood a base layer of ASCP in Aubusson Blue and permit to dry. The pic beneath was taken while the paint was as yet wet.

Step 2) Apply one or an assortment of oppose items like vaseline, wax, or hemp oil in irregular regions on the wood. Concentrate on the raised/high zones particularly or any place you need the base shading to appear on the other side.

TIP: Attempt to consider where the household item would get ordinary wear and tear throughout the years. These oppose items will make the following layer of paint not adhere to the base coat and each will chip, piece, or oppose in various behavior. You can utilize only one sort of oppose or the same number of as you like.

Step 3) Apply the second layer of paint delicately over the whole piece. For the second layer we utilized Miss Mustard Seed’s Drain Paint in French Polish. Permit to dry. You can find in the photo underneath where the paint is truly opposing to stick (see the dim blue regions?).

Step 4: Ensure it is thoroughly dry. At that point take a touch of sand paper and rub over the wood. It is so cool to perceive how effectively every one of the ranges where you apply the oppose, drops off. Rub the sand paper on it as unpleasant or as delicate as you prefer. There is no “right way or wrong route” here! At that point rub the wood well with a delicate, dry material.

Step 5: Seal with wax and buff to a sparkle. I utilized Miss Mustard Seed’s Old fashioned wax.

The last paint method we experimented with was known as the weathered look or driftwood look.

Step 1) Begin with a base layer of Miss Mustard Seed’s Drain Paint in . Permit to dry.

Step 2) We connected a second coat that was a 50/50 arrangement of Screen Dark and Grain Sack (both Miss Mustard’s Drain Paint).

Step 3) Instantly wipe off the second coat with a cloth. Wipe off as much as you prefer, contingent upon how dim or light you need the piece to look. Once more, rememberno tenets.

Step 4) Dry Brush on Ironstone Drain Paint to accomplish coveted gentility, padded and streaky impact.

Step 5) Seal and buff with white or clear wax.

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What was stunning was the means by which distinctive everybody’s cases turned out! Each was one of a kind and lovely. Before handling a venture, I prescribe attempting a couple of these procedures out first on some trim as we did, with the goal that you realize what look you like best. Because of Marian and Shaunna and the whole Sanctuary Group for an awesome, fun, and instructive time of Furniture Painting Ideas Techniques!